Thursday, 10 May 2012

What's a sootikin? I thought you'd never ask...

A small, mouse-shaped deposit formed in the vaginal cleft, usually of poorer women who did not wear undergarments - common until the nineteenth century. A sootikin built up over several weeks, even months, of not washing. It was composed of particles of soot, dirt, sweat, smegma (qv) and vaginal and menstrual discharge. When it reached a certain size and weight, it tended to work loose and drop from under the woman's skirt. that your clit or are you sporting a sootikin???

1, 2, 3.....100, Here I come, ready or not!

Did you know Hide and Seek, comes from the original game of Hide the Sootikin.

Puuuuuuuush, oh no, it's just a sootikin

The term 'Next of Kin' originates from the phrase next of sootikin, as pregnant women usually expelled sootikins before child birth.


Did you know, in the mid 1920's the average woman produced 3-5 sootikins a day.

You missed a bit...

Did you know, Sootikin sweepers were paid more than doctors in the 17th Century.

Did you take your vitamins today?

Did you know, sootikins were taken as daily vitamins in the 18th century.

I bet Jack regrets going up that beanstalk

Did you know, that The Giants Causeway is actually the compressed remains of giants' sootikins.